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(He reportedly, during his first years in school, signed his assignments as Félix Rubén Ramírez.) He rarely spoke with his mother, who lived in Honduras, or with his father, who he referred to as „Uncle Manuel“. Although little is known about his first years, it is documented that after the death best tech stocks to buy in 2021 of Félix Ramírez, in 1871, the family went through rough economic times and they considered sending young Rubén as a tailor’s apprentice. According to his biographer Edelberto Torres, he attended several schools in León before going on, during 1879 and 1880, to be educated by the Jesuits.

  • Banco Santander, S.A., doing business as Santander Group, is a Spanish multinational financial services company based in Madrid and Santander in Spain.
  • In May he moved to Barcelona, where he published his last important work of poetry, Canto a la Argentina y otros poemas, which includes the laudatory poem he had written to Argentina, which had been made to order for La Nación.
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  • Darío had a great and lasting influence on 20th-century Spanish-language literature and journalism.
  • His chronicles about this topic would later be compiled in the book Peregrinaciones.

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In 1899, Rubén Darío, who was still legally married to Rosario Murillo, met Francisca Sánchez del Pozo in the Casa de Campo of Madrid. Francisca was from Navalsauz in the province of Ávila and would be his companion through the last years of his life. In April 1900, Darío visited Paris for a second time, commissioned by La Nación to cover the Exposition Universelle that took place that year in the French capital city. His chronicles about this topic would later be compiled in the book Peregrinaciones.

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During his stay in Chile, Darío had to endure continuous humiliation from the Chilean aristocracy that scorned him for his lack of refinement and for the color of his skin. Nonetheless, he managed to forge a few friendships, like the one with the son of the then president, the poet Pedro Balmaceda Toro. He lived in Valparaiso for several months until September 1887 where he participated in several literary contests. In the month of July 1888, Azul, the key literary work of the modernist revolution that had just begun, was published in Valparaiso.

  • In Chile he stayed with Eduardo Poirier and a poet by the name of Eduardo de la Barra, together they co-authored a sentimental novel titled Emelina, with which they entered in a literary contest .
  • In addition, he was not paid what was owed to him from his position as consul; this left him unable to return to Paris.
  • In December he headed back to Barcelona, where he lodged at General Zelaya’s house.
  • He traveled to El Salvador in August 1882, at the petition of his friends who wanted to delay his marriage plans.

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Best of all, our engagements are overseen by seasoned professionals who have been there, understand the pain points and strive to prevent them. These chronicles would end up being compiled in a book that was published in 1901, titled España Contemporánea. In the writings, he expresses his profound sympathy towards Spain, and his confidence in Spain’s revival, despite the state of despair he observed. He decided to leave El Salvador despite job offers from the new president. He moved to Guatemala at the end of June, while his bride remained in El Salvador.

He had economic problems since his limited budget barely allowed him to meet all of his delegation’s expenses, and he had much economic difficulty while he was Nicaraguan ambassador. When Zelaya was overthrown, Darío was forced to resign his diplomatic post on February 25, 1909. He remained loyal to Zelaya, whom he had heavily praised in his book Viaje a Nicaragua e Intermezzo tropical, and with whom he had collaborated in the writing of Estados Unidos y la revolución de Nicaragua.

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Zelaya had taken Darío under his wing when he was president of Nicaragua. In January 1914 he returned to Paris, where he entered a lengthy legal battle with the Guido brothers, who still owed him a large sum of money for the work he had done for them. In May he moved to Barcelona, where he published his last important work of poetry, Canto a la Argentina y otros poemas, which includes the laudatory poem he had written to Argentina, which had been made to order for La Nación. Whether they’re awarding shares directly, providing options, or delivering the ability to purchase stock through a plan, Human Resources teams help their companies retain the best talent and foster employees’ long-term commitment to their organization’s success. AST is equipped to support the goals of HR teams for both public and private organizations, and across even the most recently adopted equity products.

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Our tech-forward solutions serve both issuers and employees, and are customized to your needs—whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, full-service solution to manage your plans, or a simpler SAAS tool that puts you in the driver’s seat. We assist corporations in obtaining and interpreting key investor information to enhance their engagement through our expertise in corporate governance, proxy solicitation, advisory services, credit markets intelligence and more. In 1892, he left his family in Costa Rica, and traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua, in search for better economic prospects. Eventually, the Nicaraguan government named him a member of the Nicaraguan delegation to Madrid, where events were going to take place to commemorate the fourth centennial of the discovery of America.

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That same year the second edition of his successful book Azul…, substantially expanded, and using Valera’s letters, which catapulted him to literary fame, as prologue , was published in Guatemala. In January 1891 his wife reunited with him in Guatemala and they were married by the church on February 11, 1891. Three months later, the periodical which Darío was editing, El Correo de la Tarde, ceased receiving government subsidies, which forced it to close. He moved to Costa Rica and installed himself in the country’s capital, San Jose, in August 1891.

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Regardless of the tributes offered to him, he failed to obtain a divorce. In addition, he was not paid what was owed to him from his position as consul; this left him unable to return to Paris. After a few months he managed to be named resident minister in Madrid for the Nicaraguan government of José Santos Zelaya.

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One day after the wedding there was a coup d’état against president Menéndez. The coup was mainly engineered by general Carlos Ezeta, who had been a guest at Darío’s wedding, which ended with the death of his wife, which led him to remarry for a brief period, only for him to separate very shortly thereafter. After making a name for himself with love poems and stories, Darío left Nicaragua for Chile in 1886, and disembarked in Valparaiso on June 23, 1886.

We are dedicated to supporting your organization’s progress, and to helping you avoid obstacles along the way. In Abrojos, published in Chile, the most acknowledged influence is that from the Spaniard Ramón de Campoamor. Rimas, also published junior frontend developer resume in Chile in the same year, was written for a contest to imitate the Bécquer’s Rimas, hence, it is not strange that the intimate tone adopted in this book is very similar to the one present in the writings of the Sevillian poet.

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